Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Baby Birds Liven Our Room

Well, after much waiting and anticipation, the little birds hatched!  We have four little bald heads bobbing in the Zebra Finches nest.  The happy couple where named Mr. and Mrs. Jones.  :)  The babies hatched on Thursday, September 6, 2012.  They are expected to emerge from the nest by next week--September 24-28.
We can already hear them begging for food as the busy parents try to keep up.  We are feeding them extra bread, apple pieces, carrot and egg-yolk to help the little ones get off to a good start.

Other breaking news:
The Society finches, who live next door to the Jones' have also made a nest and are currently setting!

Mr. and Mrs. Smith have found the basket hung in the center of the cage to be the suitable location for their little brood.  As of Sunday, September 16, there were four little eggs being incubated.  What fun we are having watching this new couple peek out from their little domain!

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