Friday, September 2, 2016


The end of the first week of school and we had such a blast!  Today we spent most of the day building...

Building with our KEVA blocks that are so nicely balanced that you can build amazing things!

We learned some key things about teamwork,
                balance, structure
                              and art (bridges and staircases need to look nice too! :).

CD-  "[We] built a bridge big enough so a kindergartner could crawl under it.  It was tough to get each side to connect to the other."

TB- "The hard part of the building was that if you put a piece on the wrong spot it would fall down or lean over."

EC- "My building project was like a spiral was hard to make it balance and its like us and's hard to get closer to Him when we keep on sinning."

CM- "I built a mini golf course, 3 holes.  All holes you get a hole-in-one if you pick the right slot.  If you pick the wrong slot you lose.  Getting the ball to hit the block was hard, except the first hole."

Some of the boys worked on a challenge requiring them to balance 11 nails on one!  It helps to have a buddy supporting and brainstorming!

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