Friday, October 21, 2016

PBL and STREAMS Friday

Yes! We are finally getting our hands dirty in our outdoor science area.  Actually, we got more than our hands dirty. 😃  There was so much mud from the recent rain that we grew a couple of inches in height with the mud on our boots!

We had several tasks to accomplish outside.  The cleared hillside needed to have some silt fencing put up to prevent erosion, until we can get it replanted. The eighth graders managed to pound stakes in, and with the help of their teacher and Francisco, we got the soil packed at the bottom.

The rest of the class was occupied at the "shed" emptying the junk from inside, and searching to see if the building had footings supporting it.  Good news! There are footings. Bad news, there are some sill  plates that need to be replaced.  What better problem-based learning could we ask for! The students had fun and are excited to be actively making a difference on their outdoor learning lab!

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