Wednesday, October 12, 2016


So....our studies this year are summarized in the acronym STREAMS:  Science Technology Religion, Engineering Art Math and Service.  This week a backhoe showed up to clear out more of the black berries out of our outdoor play area.

With the extra amount of rain, drainage has shown itself to be an issue out there and causing our neighbor some distress as well.  Something needed to be done to divert the extra water.  The men worked hard and forged a "path" for the spring water to flow, thus by-passing the neighbor's yards.  The good news....we appear to have a year round stream that must have been traveling in a mysterious direction.  We'll have to spend some more time observing and researching it's source.

Connecting with some experts seems to be in order too!  Could this be some place salmon use to come? There are many exciting options as well as challenges for our students to explore, brainstorm and solve.  We'll keep you posted!

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